The New Age of Safety - Defender Services, Inc.The New Age of Safety
Unsurpassed excellence in workplace safety

Defender Services, Inc. takes great pride in our safety awareness program. The program, “A New age of Safety”, was developed in the early 1990’s.

The concept is simple: DEVELOP A SAFETY CULTURE at each customer location.
This culture is achieved with a balance of knowledge, skill and attitude directed toward a common goal. Our program focuses on increasing safety awareness and training employees to use safe work habits. This program has a major impact on the cost associated with safety and workers’ compensation. But equally important, is the enhanced quality of life for our employees.

The topic of safety in the work place has received a tremendous amount of attention ranging from The White House to the small business owner. With work place safety such a major concern, everyone seems to have a secret formula. These ideas can range from behavior – based safety programs to delegating responsibility to the insurance industry. While, the real emphasis needs to be placed on who is being injured, where, and why. This focus is the foundation of our site-specific safety approach.

The success of our safety program:
  1. Recognize
  2. Investigate
  3. Educate
  4. Motivate

Throughout the development and implementation cycle, we follow this process to achieve successful results. However, attitude and participation of both management and employee are essential components to our program. Without factoring employee attitude and program involvement, a “safety dictatorship” is created. This type of program has no shared ownership or goals between employee and management. A successful safety program is the result of a carefully crafted “safety culture” founded on an atmosphere of participation, attitude, responsibility and accountability.

Each employee receives complete site-specific training on all powered industrial equipment that will be utilized from our written equipment safety programs that include photo example, video and any special precautions. At Defender Services, Inc., we recognize that without safety both productivity and profitability suffer. However, we never forget our most valued resource, people.

*Note: Our complete safety training program and manual is available upon request.