About Our Company


Defender Services, Inc., headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina, provides industrial housekeeping services nationwide. Founded in 1958 as Defender Chemical Company, we began by manufacturing and supplying industrial and commercial housekeeping chemicals to a wide variety of facilities.

In response to the marketplace demands, the company launched a new total contract service. This “total” service program provided not only the chemicals, but also the management, labor, and supplies required for a complete housekeeping program. Soon after, Defender offered industrial engineering services such as labor assessment and time measurement studies. Early on, Defender’s total contract approach and innovative service offerings put the company at the leading edge in the contract services market.


Now, Defender provides total service solutions to a cross section of industries and businesses throughout the United States. In 50 years, Defender Services has successfully grown to one of the largest privately held contract service companies in the nation. However, Defender’s success is due to our overall management team. Without highly trained management support, Defender’s diverse service capability could not have grown as rapidly or as successfully as we have experienced.

Defender Services, Inc. now offers comprehensive facility maintenance. Housekeeping/janitorial, building/grounds maintenance, and permanent contract personnel are just a few of our diversified service offerings.


The 21st Century will bring many new challenges. Defender is structured operationally and financially to meet these challenges and remain the industry leader.

We are committed to providing the very best service possible to our clients.

Defender Services Headquarters